Our Company

D&G Produce was established in 1974 by husband and wife, Dennis and Georgina Bouletos. Over the past 40 years, it has been a family owned and run business, manufacturing the highest quality feeds. D&G prides itself on producing a comprehensive range of both Grain Mixes and Steam Pelleted feeds by selecting only the best Australian grains and ingredients.


With many years in manufacturing stockfeeds, D&G sees its role as selecting the highest quality grains and ingredients.

The manufacturing process involves grading ingredients with the latest technological grading equipment, using a single bowl approach where ingredients are blended, crushed, steamed and rolled in such a fasion as to be evenly distributed throughout the feeds.

The result is a grain and pelleted feed mix that can be relied upon to be palatable and digestible, containing a premium blend of nutritional items such as protein, trace elements, minerals and vitamins to meet the needs of horses for sustenance and energy in performance.