Protein Plus

D&G has formulated its PROTEIN PLUS to be an essential part of diets for Performance Horses. This product is formulated to minimise excitable behaviour whilst still providing sustainable energy when required.

Protein Plus can be relied on to be palatable and digestible, containing a premium blend of nutritional elements such as protein, trace elements and vitamins to meet the needs of horses for sustenance and for energy in performance.

Feeding requirements will depend on breed, age and sex of horse, plus the quality of pasture/hay and stage of training, intensity of exercise, body condition and metabolism of your horse.

With many years in manufacturing stockfeeds, D&G sees its role as selecting the highest quality grains and ingredients such as barley, corn, soyabean meal, sunflower seed, copra meal, hominy meal, molasses, vegetable oil, salt and essential supplements. The manufacturing process involves grading the grain with the latest technological equipment. Using a single bowl approach, ingredients are blended, crushed, steamed or rolled utilising a process which evenly distributes them throughout the mix.


Steam rolled/flaked barley, oats, corn, sunflower seeds, lupins, tick beans, vegetable oil, molasses, salt and D&G ECS Premix.

Nutritional Information

(Estimated levels supplied in 1kg)

Premium Vitamin and Mineral Premix

Made in Australia from Australian Ingredients